Laurie Anderson & Zeitkratzer at Ultima!

Laurie Anderson & Zeitkratzer at Ultima

To round off this year’s Ultima, the world premiere of an unmissable exclusive collaboration between daring creative pioneer Laurie Anderson and radical music collective Zeitkratzer.

Laurie Anderson & Zeitkratzer: New work (WP)
Laurie Anderson: The Language of the Future
Special Guests: Zeitkratzer
Rockefeller 22 September, 21.00
Ticket: 500/400 NOK

As a performer, writer, director and visual artist, Laurie Anderson has created unforgettable works spanning the worlds of experimental music, art and theatre. Her new, ongoing work, The Language of the Future, is a mixture of her mesmerising storytelling, music (including her celebrated electric violin) and interactive video performance. It has been described as a ‘stand-up elegy’, in which her observations, anecdotes and trippy tales range across space, time, politics, linguistics and all points in between. For Ultima in a special edition including Zeitkratzer as guests.

Anderson will first present the world premiere a new piece with Zeitkratzer, a pan-European ‘soloist ensemble’ dedicated to bringing ‘joy’ to post-war contemporary music. A perfect meeting of musical minds.

Don't miss this spescial event!

Laurie AndersonPhoto: Ebru Yildiz