Barnas Ultima-dag 2022 (BUD)

All aboard the BUD express!

Sunday, 18 September, at 12:00
100 kr

A day of musical discoveries, creative fun and explorations that will open your children’s ears

This years’s Barnas Ultima-dag BUD – Ultima’s Children’s Day – is another feast of musical fun and sonic adventures for kids. Come to Sentralen and dive deep into a dynamic environment of performances, concerts, workshops and stories. This year there is a special emphasis on inviting children in the driving seat as participants!

Highlights of this year’s BUD include:

A trombone turns into a chuffing steam engine! All the water, steam, air and pressure inside the trombones tubes can sound like a massive train – especially when it’s played by Øyvind Brække, one of the leading jazz trombonists in Norway. Percussionist Anders Krenges Hansen is also along for, the ride. All aboard!

Minimal Animal
A fun way to introduce your kids to the gentle, soothing minimalist music of Steve Reich and Terry Riley, with performers in bird and animal costumes.

Utflukt (Adventurous Journey)
Composer Carola Bauckholt, animator Elizabeth Hobbs and musicians Jennifer Torrence and Ellen Ugelvik explore all that is strange, inexplicable, beautiful and fascinating in nature, and how we living beings on earth are interdependent.

Velkommen Hjem (Welcome Home)
Gunhild Seim and Terese Arildsdatter Riis allow children to think about the condition of refugees, in this interactive installation with tents wired for sound and vision.

More features will be announced soon!
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Minimal Animal. Photo: Katrin Schander.

Skapia. Photo: Lars Opstad.

With support from

ULYSSES Network, Creative Europe Programme of the European Union