Barnas Ultimadag (BUD)

A day of musical discoveries, creative fun and space explorations that will open your children’s ears

Sunday, 19 September, at 12:00–16:05
100 kr
Sold out

Whole venue

Manta rays, fishy drumming, a robot orchestra and a vibrating dentist’s chair, the sound of space and more: this years’s Barnas Ultima-dag – Ultima’s Children’s Day – is a feast of musical fun and sonic adventures for kids.

Come to Sentralen and dive deep into a dynamic environment of performances, concerts, workshops and stories. 



Skapia: Lyden av Verdensrommet

What does it sound like in space? With Skapia’s Lyden av verdensrommet (Sound of Space), kids can travel the spaceways in a dynamic art installation that allows them to build up a sonic image of the heavens by recording their own sounds. Children contribute to a constantly expanding soundscape played through 20 speakers hidden among sculptures of planets, suns and stars. Together with their drawings, the whole room will mushroom into a cosmic work of collective art.



The Electric Dentist’s Chair (Good Vibrations)

Even if you hate the dentist, adults and kids will love the sonic vibrations experienced in this experimental dentist chair. It’s been modified so that sounds enter your body and move around, creating a way of sensually experiencing music like never before. 



Captain Credible: Emergent Properties

Daniel Lacey aka Captain Credible performs his piece Emergent Properties with his amazing electromechanical instruments and robot orchestra.


John Andrew Wilhite-Hannisdal og Bálint Laczkó: Torsketromming

Torsketromming is a composition for percussion trio Pinquins and 3D sound – a long-standing collaboration between composers John Andrew Wilhite-Hannisdal and Bálint Laczkó. They have created a new percussive vocabulary with Pinquins, based on the mating calls of cod.



0–100: Acting and music performance

In 0–100, by the Alpaca Ensemble, actor, improviser and clown Frode Eggen tells stories which feed into a musical performance by Alpaca Ensemble, which includes the young lion of Norwegian jazz, bassist Bjørn Marius Hegge. Alpaca provide a playful and entertaining mix of nursery rhymes, Disney theme tunes, classical, pop music jazz and show tunes. 

Alpaca Ensemble: Marianne Lie – cello
Else Bø – piano
Bjørn Marius Hegge – double bass, guitar 


12.00, 13.00, 14.00 (three sessions)

Manta – dance performance

A dialogue between music, image, light and movement, merging into a musical discovery of delight. Designed for children of 4-24 months, it is a poetic dance for three musicians, inspired by the remarkable undersea movements of the giant manta ray. An installation in glass art, wood and textiles combines with music based on old and contemporary sounds.

Klankennest Company

In collaboration with Småkunstfestivalen, Seanse - senter for kunstproduksjon.

For children between 4 months and 2 years.
Max. two adults per child.
Max. 14 children per performance.


12.00–15.30 (fire forestillinger)



Explore the science of music, acceleration, speed and gravity with G-kraft (G-force), presented by Drivhuset. From a huge G-shaped table, pick your sound object from a crazy selection of balls, pendulums and whirling instruments. Then make drones on long strings or shoot balls down an amazing construction of gutters, pipes and channels, watching them strike drumsticks, blocks and bells along their way.



Remake: Vannverk exhibition

Ultima’s annual Remake project encourages young people to engage with contemporary music in practical ways, by creating a project inspired by a particular work from the Ultima festival programme. This year, students of art, design and architecture at Oslo’s Elvebakken high school (aged 16-19) have created their own project in response to Vannverk by Marianne Stranger. An exhibition of their visual responses will be on display here.



Tumble In the Jungle

Tumble In the Jungle is aimed at all children aged 2–7. On stage are two dancers and a deaf musician. We follow their everyday experiences in a mix of absurdist humour and poetic tableaux.

Ide/koreografi/regi: Inger Cecilie Bertrán de Lis
Dramaturgi/ regi: Robert Skjærstad
Dansekunstnere: Cesilie Kverneland og oda Bjørholm( Orginalcast: Julie Moviken og Mikael Rønne)
Musiker/aktør: Rita Lindanger
Komponist: Vidar Løvstad
Scenografi: Carl Nilssen-Love
Kostymedesigner: Signe Vasshus
Rekvisitør: Antti Bjørn
Lysdesigner: Daniel Kolstad Gimle
Produksjon og produsent : ICB produksjoner
Støttet av Norsk kulturråd, Fond for lyd og bilde, Extrastiftelse og samproduksjon med Dansens Hus.

In collaboration with

Skapia, Småkunstfestivalen

With support from

Sparebankstiftelsen DNB, ULYSSES Network, Creative Europe Programme of the European Union

Children under 3 years enter for free.