Eliane Radigue: OCCAM RIVER (Sold out)

Saturday, September 9th
Emanuel Vigelands museum, 7:00 PM
Eliane Radigue is one of the composers in focus at Ultima 2017. Three concerts plus a seminar and screening will examine her life and music, and reaffirm her status in contemporary music.

Eliane Radigue: OCCAM RIVER
Emanuel Vigelands museum
9 September, 7 pm
Tickets 200/100 NOK

OCCAM RIVER XIII duo for bassoon and harp (WP)
OCCAM RIVER VI duo for contrabass-recorder and harp

Rhodri Davies – harp
Pia Palme – contrabass-recorder
Dafne Vincente Sandoval – bassoon

At the age of 85, Eliane Radigue is one of the last surviving generation of French electronic musicians whose careers were profoundly influenced by musique concrète pioneers such as Pierre Schaeffer and Pierre Henry. Using an Arp 2500 modular synthesizer, Radigue quicky discovered her own unique style in the early 1970s, combining technology with a strong Buddhist faith. The resulting music – works such as Adnos I-III, Trilogie de la Mort, and l’Île Re-sonante plunged deeply into long, slowly evolving drone forms that probed the mysteries of death and the afterlife, and opened up transcendental and meditative spaces. Based in Paris, Radigue continues to compose. Since 2001 she has focused more on acoustic instruments, often working closely with specific performers.

In collaboration with nyMusikk, Ultima will present two exclusive events at the Emanuel Vigeland Mausoleum in north west Oslo (8.9 & 9.9). These concerts will display a total of five works in her OCCAM series (including one world premiere), composed in the past decade for harp, contrabass recorder and bassoon, solo and in combination. In the astonishing acoustics of the Emanuel Vigeland Mausoleum, with its long revereration time, Radigue’s mystical and deeply resonant work can be heard at its very best, played by Rhodri Davies (harp), Pia Palme (contrabass recorder) and Dafne Vicente Sandoval (bassoon).

Meanwhile, Ultima and the electronic music organisation Notam will present an electronic work by Radigue, in collaboration with GRM. Details of the piece will be announced closer to the date. The concert at Sentralen’s Marmorsalen (11.9) will also feature electroacoustic pieces by Natasha Barrett and Hilde Holsen.


Eliane Radigue: OCCAM RIVER (Sold out)

Emanuel Vigelands museum 7:00 PM

Ticket 200/100,-