Jenny Hval: Blood Bitch

Electronic/improv +
Wednesday, September 14th
Menstrual blood, vampires and goth memories in this exclusive preview of Jenny Hval’s new album

Norwegian artist Jenny Hval’s previous work has been acclaimed internationally for its unflinching exploration of gender, sexuality and the female gaze. In Blood Bitch, a conceptual work released as her next album, she combines a fictionalized horror story with personal diaries of touring with her band, as well as revealing an obsession with the 1970s exploitation movies of cult director Jess Franco and recalling teenage memories of listening to goth and black metal.

‘It’s my most fictional and most personal album,’ says Hval. ‘An album of vampires, lunar cycles, sticky choruses, and the smell of warm leaves and winter.’ Much more than a rock show, Hval’s concerts are a disorienting, dreamlike sequence of sound, performance art and video.

Jenny Hval: Blood Bitch

Vulkan Arena 9:00 PM

Ticket 200/100,-