Sophia Brous: Mount Analogue – A Provisionally Utopian Live Performance Event (2022, WP)

A transformative trip to a surreal mountainscape of the mind

Friday, 23 September, at 20:00
150–250 kr

An immersive, kaleidoscopic landscape of sound, theatre, expanded cinema, music and interactive storytelling.

Sophia Brous: Mount Analogue – A Provisionally Utopian Live Performance Event(2022, WP)

This world premiere, commissioned by Ultima, brings together an international ensemble of distinguished artists under the direction of Australian genre-defying artist, musician and vocalist Sophia Brous.

Mount Analogue is adapted for the stage from the landmark novella Le Mont Analogue (1952) by French surrealist writer Réné Daumal (1908–44). Written in the last five years of the author’s life, the book has become a cult classic and was the inspiration for Alejandro Jodorowsky’s film The Holy Mountain (1973). The book describes a philosophical journey to a symbolic mountain. ‘The gateway to the invisible must be visible,’ wrote Daumal.

Brous’s radical ‘provisionally utopian live performance event’ examines the potential of transforming myth into reality, in an immersive performance workshop, theatrical reading, musical concert, and audio-visual installation. Begun in 2018, the performance is the next stage of a creative collaboration between Brous, US film maker Ben Russell and Academy Award-winning French sound designer and foley artist Nicolas Becker (Sound of Metal, Arrival, Gravity). The trio undertook a series of voyages across Europe from the Arctic Circle to the Aegean Peninsula to trace out a radiant path towards a mountain, culminating in a series of film and sound works. Mount Analogue is the latest stop on this adventurous journey.

Set on an empty opera stage, the work gradually transforms through a shifting landscape of assembled props, instruments, moving images, foley sound effects, projection screens, kinetic sculpture and large-scale scenic design. It draws from the mountain songs, mystical objects and vivid imagery found in Daumal’s original book, in an experimental performance workshop of text, music and moving image, where exploration, exhaustion and ecstasy conspire with the audience’s imagination to realise a path towards a mythical mountain.

Writer, director, musician & performer

Sophia Brous

Sound designer, performer

Nicolas Becker

Film maker & performer

Ben Russell

Musician, kinetic sound sculpture, performer

Tony Buck

Accordion, electronics, performer

Camilla Barrett-Due


Melita Jurisic, Ivan Cheng, Gig Clarke

Sound design, musician

Guillaume Malaret

Film design and animation

Will Rahilly

Set design

Simone Bartholin

Lighting design, production manager

Tanja Ruhl

Assistant director

Aaron Orzech


Fransisca Aires

In collaboration with

Den Norske Opera & Ballett