The new Ultima Podcast

Open your ears! The new Ultima Podcast.

In May 2020, Ultima Festival relaunches its Ultima Podcast series. Between now and the festival launch on 15 September, Ultima will be be releasing semi-regular episodes highlighting some off the key artists, performers, music and themes of this year’s festival.

Listen to Ultima Podcast here

In episodes running ca. 15-20 minutes, Ultima Podcast host Rob Young meets musicians and contributors to the festival in 2022, and hears insights and comments from festival director Thorbjørn Tønder Hansen. The episodes are produced in a mix of field recordings, musical sounds and interviews, creating an immersive sound portrait of the subject matter.

The first Ultima Podcast of 2022 will focus on the Organotopia project by organist/composer Nils Henrik Asheim, an all-day event in Grünerløkka on 17 September.

Ultima Podcast is produced by Regine Dosen Kristoffersen at Filt Oslo. The specially composed theme music is by Kristine Tjøgersen.