Welcome aboard Ultima 2023!

Ultima 2023 invites the audience to travel.

There are many forms of travel, from well-known package tours, where you know what you're getting, but also discovery trips, where the goal is to get new impressions. On these trips, different rules apply, and the only expectation is that expectations are broken. That's how it will be at Ultima this year.

Sail in international waters with Pytheas Travels: Maja S.K. Ratkje, Hypercomf and a crew of musicians create a turbulent musical cruise. Synne Skouen's FRAM, an opera in which the protagonist fantasises about adventure, love and Nansen’s North Pole. Vocal ensemble Ekmeles sing about Afrodiasporic experiences – reminders that not all journeys are made by choice.

Many events, such as Gyrid Kaldestad’s audio walk Travelling and Remaining, are about travelling around the city in a new way. For those intrigued by the idea of time travel, Ultima presents global folk traditions in contemporary costume with Hatis Noit, Norwegian mouth harps and Benedicte Maurseth. New and old traditions can also be experienced when Enslaved with Jenny Hval and Oslo-Sinfonietta opens the festival on 14 September.

Look up from the map, and enjoy your trip!

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Published Friday, 1 September 2023