Classic Album Sundays: Arne Nordheim

Listening session

Sunday, 17 September, at 19:00–20:00
125 kr

Classic Album Sundays comes to Ultima with a special session devoted to a true avant-garde classic, Arne Nordheim’s 'Contemporary Music from Norway' from 1967. The Classic Album Sundays sessions, which started in London in 2010 and have now spread to many cities and locations around the world, invites the audience to listen to an entire ‘classic’ LP in the best available vinyl pressing, from start to finish, on a magnificent audiophile stereo system. Special guests are invited to talk about each release, sharing their insights about and encounters with the music and telling the story behind each release. Audience feedback is also encouraged.

Tonight’s playback is introduced with a chance to learn about the history of the recording, featuring Nordheim’s electronic works Canzona, Epitaffio and Response I, in a conversation led by CAS’s resident host in Oslo, Kent Horne. He will be speaking with writer Marius Lien (Morgenbladet) and Ola Nordal, author of a new book about the album published by Norske albumklassikere.

NB: The event has been moved from Gras to Postkontoret.

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Kent Horne, Marius Lien, Ola Nordal

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