Composers’ Toolbox - Creativity and Improvisation with AI


Monday, 18 September, at 20:00–22:00

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Monday, 18/09

Sentralen (Vinterhagen)

With AI (Artificial Intelligence) entering more and more areas of our lives and creative processes, composers are naturally questioning the impact of this new technology with regards to copyright issues. At the same time, as creative people they are curious about how they can make use of AI in their practice.

The session begins with a presentation by American composer, improviser and author George Lewis based on themes in his essay ‘Is Our Machines Learning Yet?’, which raises questions about the use of technology in composition. Notto J.W. Thelle, from the Faculty of Art, Technology and Design at Oslo Met, will then focus on the challenges presented by Artificial Intelligence and how it can be used as a ‘creative partner’. These talks are followed by a Q&A.

Composers’ Toolbox is a series by Norsk Komponistforening (Norwegian Society of Composers) aimed at providing knowledge, advice and tools to inspire and enhance the artistic endeavours of composers, musicians and others.

The talk is in English.


George Lewis, Notto J. W. Thelle


Martin Hirsti-Kvam

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Norsk Komponistforening

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Norsk Komponistforening