Synne Skouen & Oda Radoor

15 September 2023
500–500 kr

Synne Skouen's brand new opera takes listeners on a journey through an elderly woman's imagination. Ameli is a dying woman who, wishing to escape old age and a troubled relationship with her son, dreams of sailing to the North Pole with the legendary explorer Fridtjof Nansen on his ship, the FRAM.

Much of Oda Radoor’s libretto is lifted directly from Nansen’s diaries and memoirs. As the music unfolds, we are transported from Ameli's lonely room to the vast expanse of the Arctic Ocean, complete with the creaking planks of the ship’s deck. At its core, FRAM (Norwegian for ‘going forward’) is a deeply human work. It speaks to our desire for adventure and exploration, and to the power of dreams and imagination.

Synne Skouen I Photo: Euishin Kim/Det Norske Kammerorkester

Hege Høisæter I Photo: Anna-Julia Granberg / Blunderbuss


Synne Skouen


Oda Radoor


Hege Høisæter, Frode Olsen, Silje Marie Aker Johnsen, Eirik Grøtvedt


Ida Løvli Hidle


Hilde Andersen

Visual design

Bård Lie Thorbjørnsen


Jonas Forssell


Synne Skouen and Mats Claesson


Alva Brosten

Lighting design

Torkel Skjærven

Sound design

Mats Claesson

String quintet

Odd Hannisdal, Madelene Berg, Witold Serafin, Erlend Habbestad, Anders Håberget Rove


Anders Kregnes Hansen

Men's chorus

Gustav Navas Hasfjord, Mikkel Skorpen, Paul Kirby, Steven Curtis Griffin, Magnus Dorholt Kjeldal, Jan-Magnar Andersen Gard, Jørgen Magnus Haslum, Johann Dornwald, Øystein Skre

Choreographer and assistant director

Eli Stålhand

Musical director

Magnus Loddgard

In collaboration with

Den Norske Opera & Ballett

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