Frode Haltli: Da Gruekjerka brann

Requiem for victims of a deadly fire

Friday, 23 September, at 18:00–19:15
250–305 kr

Frode Haltli and Sinikka Langeland present a programme of songs and music commemorating the horror of a historical church fire.

Frode Haltli: Da Gruekjerka brann

On the first day of Pentecost 1822, 113 people burned to death inside Grue church in Norway’s inland region of Solør. This horrific disaster forms the starting point for this event, put together by accordionist and composer Frode Haltli.

Historian Trond Nordby will tell the story, based on local history and Peter Wessel Zapffe's book Happy Pentecost, which uses the event in Grue as a starting point for a philosophical discussion. Frode Haltli's instrumental work Lyksalig Pentecost (Blissful Pentecost, 2015) is the concert’s central work, performed by Sweden’s Emilia Amper on nyckelharp, fiddle player Vegar Vårdal and percussionist Eirik Raude.

Sinikka Langeland, who comes from the Grue Finnskog area, will sing the text of a 24-verse ‘written account’ by Anders Vold, a schoolmaster and survivor of the fire. The text describes the actual event in detail, but also searches for a spiritual explanation of it. Frode Haltli has used the text to create quasi-archaic folk hymns.

Also this evening, the ensemble will perform a selection of music from Sinikka Langeland's repertoire, arranged by Frode Haltli. These consist of 200-year-old religious songs from the Solør region, dating from the time of the tragedy.

Trad. arr. Haltli/Langeland / Frode Haltli: Engelens budskap / Fuggel’n
Frode Haltli: Lyksalig pinsefest (2014)
Frode Haltli (tekst: Anders Vold): Skriftlig betraktning over den
sørgelige tildragelse på 26. mai 1822, da Grue hovedkirke ved en ulykkelig ildebrann ble lagt i aske, og 113 mennesker innebrant 
Trad.: Den polsdansen Puken spelte da Gruekjerka brann, etter Jon Østhaug
Trad.: Den polsdansen Puken spelte da Gruekjerka brann, etter Magne Halberget
J.S. Bach/trad. arr. Haltli/Langeland: Ich ruf zu Dir, Herr Jesu Christ (BWV 639) Jeg raaber til dig
Trad. arr. Haltli/Langeland: Ave Maria

Sinikka Langeland. Photo: Morten Krogvold.


  • Frode Haltli


  • Sinikka Langeland


  • Emilia Amper

Hardanger fiddle

  • Vegar Vårdal

Pre-recorded samples

  • Eirik Raude


  • Trond Nordby

In collaboration with

  • Riksscenen