Introducing the Harry Partch Instrumentarium

A must for all fans of contemporary music!

Saturday, 18 September, at 21:30

Showings and tickets

Saturday, 18/09

Den Norske Opera & Ballett (Stage 2)

Included in concert ticket

Immediately following the concert by Ensemble Musikfabrik and Ingar Zach, the public will be invited to the stage to inspect and learn more about the incredible instruments used in the concert. 

These are full size exact replicas of the instruments designed and built by Harry Partch.

Exotic, organic and designed to create sounds and play scales unattainable by the conventional orchestra, inventions such as the Cloud-Chamber Bowls, the Diamond Marimba and the Quadrangularis Reversum look and sound like musical technologies from another planet. 

Enjoy this unusual opportunity to see them up close and find out how they work from some of the only players on Earth who understand them!

In collaboration with

Den Norske Opera & Ballett, MUNCH