Klangforum Wien

Eclectic mix of imaginative new work from Austria’s leading new music ensemble

Friday, 17 September, at 18:00
150–250 kr

Andile Khumalo The Broken Mirrors of Time (2021, WP)
Øyvind Torvund Plans (2021, WP)
Lars Petter Hagen
Gestern (2021,WP)
Ragnhild Berstad trãnseõ (2021, WP)

The magisterial Austrian ensemble Klangforum Wien premieres four new works: one from one of South Africa’s brightest talents and three works by leading Norwegian composers.

Inspired by the Covid death of a pianist friend of African composer Andile Khumalo, the ten minute piece The Broken Mirrors of Time, pits the piano against an orchestra emphasising the marimba and wooden percussion. 

Øyvind Torvund’s Plans is part of an ongoing series in which the orchestra plays ‘sketches’ for works that will never actually be written. It allows Torvund’s magic, playful and radical imagination to run riot.

Gestern by Lars Petter Hagen gets its title from Stefan Zweig's novel Die Welt von Gestern – Erinnerungen eines Europäers, and is based on music from Zweig's collection of composers' original manuscripts.

Ragnhild Berstad’s trãnseõ incorporates special glass instruments developed in collaboration with glass artist Vidar Koksvik. The idea that glass is both immutable and fragile, cannot corrode or degrade, but can shatter instantly, is central to the concept.

Klangforum Wien

Flute: Vera Fischer, Phoebe Bognár
Oboe and english horn: Markus Deuter
Clarinet: Bernhard Zachhuber, Reinhold Brunner
Bassoon: Lorelei Dowling
Saxophone: Alvaro Collao Leòn
Wagner tuba and horn: Christoph Walder
Trumpet: Andes Nyqvist
Trombone: Ivo Nilsson
Glas instrument and percussion: Lukas Schiske
Glas instrument and percussion: Björn Wilker
Grand piano: Florian Müller
Violin: Annette Bik, Sophie Schafleitner, Gunde Jäch-Micko
Viola: Dimitrios Polisoidis
Cello: Benedikt Leitner, Andreas Lindenbaum
Bass: John Eckhardt
Sound engineer: Peter Böhm
Sound engineer: Florian Bogne

Produced in collaboration with Klangforum Wien and Donaueschinger Musiktage.

Andile Khumalo’s work is co-commissioned by Ultima and SWR/Donaueschinger Musiktage.

Ragnhild Berstad work is co-commissioned by Ultima and SWR/Donaueschinger Musiktage with support from Det Norske Komponistfond.

Øyvind Torvund’s work is co-commissioned Ultima and SWR/Donaueschinger Musiktage with support from Arts Council Norway. 

Lars Petter Hagen’s work is co-commissioned by Ultima and Klangforum Wien with support from Det Norske Komponistfond.