Kringlyddagene 1

Sit in a magic circle of electroacoustic sounds

Sunday, 19 September, at 16:30 | 20:30
100–150 kr

Showings and tickets

Sunday, 19/09

Sentralen (Marmorsalen)
100–150 kr
Sold out
Sentralen (Marmorsalen)
100–150 kr
Sold out

Come to Marmorsalen for two days of sonic adventures with new and vintage electroacoustic music. And experience the specially constructed multi-channel speaker dome system in the ceiling above and all around you. 

This first day features two separate sessions, at 16.30 and 20.30. 


John Andrew Wilhite-Hannisdal and Bálint Laczkó Torsketromming (2021, WP) 

A composition for percussion trio and 3D sound – a long-standing collaboration between composers John Andrew Wilhite-Hannisdal and Bálint Laczkó. They have created a new percussive vocabulary with the percussion trio Pinquins performing live with the electronics, based on the mating calls of cod. The piece stems from a collaboration with the Center for Coastal Research (UiA) coordinated by Dr. Rebekah Oomen.

Cato Langnes & Christian Blom 12. mars 2020 (2021, WP)

Soundscape featuring field recordings taken around locations in Oslo as the city went into lockdown on the first ‘official’ day of the Covid pandemic.

Daniel Lacey-McDermott aka Captain Credible Emergent Properties (2021, WP) 

Daniel Lacey aka Captain Credible performs his new piece with electromechanical instruments and robot orchestra. 


Mariam Gviniashvili
Revelations (2021, WP) 

An audiovisual piece using human bodily expression and voice as material to express different forms of anxiety. The visuals are based on motion capture data recorded by dancer Synne Garvik, while the sound consists of processed samples of the composer’s voice.

Per Martinsen/Mental Overdrive Wave∞Form (2021, WP) 

Norwegian techno pioneer Mental Overdrive unveils his ambient soundscape incarnation as Wave∞Form. This ambisonic piece uses sounds found in Tibetan and Pythagorean tuning systems.

Dag Egil Njaa Profiler (2021,WP) 

Three organic performers meet three ‘synthetic musicians’ whose properties derive from machine learning.  
Jennifer Torrence, percussion / Per Zanussi, bass / Morten Barikmo, bass clarinet

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