Kringlyddagene 2

Further transmissions from the electroacoustic circle of sound

Monday, 20 September, at 17:00
100–150 kr

The second of two days of new and vintage electroacoustic music, which you can experience in specially constructed multi-channel speaker system installed in the ceiling above and all around you in the Marmorsalen.

Tonight’s programme opens with two fascinating works by electric pioneers Eliane Radigue and Lily Greenham, plus an extract from Erik Dæhlin & harpist Sunniva Rødland’s Vortex Room.

Eliane Radigue
Stress Osaka (1969)

A late-60s experiment in tape recorder feedback from a pathfinder of French electronic music. 

Lily Greenham Traffic (1975)

An example of this fascinating Danish-English sonic artist’s text-sound compositions . 

Erik Dæhlin & Sunniva Rødland Vortex Room (2016) 

Both installation and musical composition, Vortex Room transfers pitches from a harp into mathematical parameters based around the shape of a vortex. Sunniva Rødland plays harp live, modified by Notam with contact mics on each string, each connected to its own speaker. And Erik Dæhlin creates spirals and whirlwinds of sound around the listener.

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