The urban landscape is a source for a pioneering work for quartet, electronics and headphones.

LEMUR: Symphonie Magnétophonique

09.00: Stortinget T-banestasjon (the bridge between direction east and west) - free
Symphonie Magnétophonique I

12.00: Wessels plass (outdoors) - free
Symphonie Magnétophonique II

19.00: Sentralen, Marmorsalen
Symphonie Magnétophonique III
Tickets: 250/150

This project is the eighth in LEMUR's series of works that recontextualises titles and concepts from the European art musical canon.

Symphonie Magnétophonique is a piece by Danish composer Else Marie Pade from 1959, focusing on the city sounds of Copenhagen. This pioneer of concrete music was working only a few years after Pierre Schaeffer's innovations in Paris. It has a highly detailed score, combining traditional notation with concrete sound.

LEMUR’s three-part tribute to Symphonie Magnétophonique takes place in three different public spaces in central Oslo: a transport hub, a town square and a concert hall. The contrast between the noisy and social environment of these places and their different listening conditions is woven into the composition.

Wireless microphones concealed inside the instruments enable the audience, wearing headphones, to eavesdrop on a 'secret' soundscape. The contrast between the musicians’ presence in a social space and the headphones' private listening sphere makes an extraordinary and unique experience.

LEMUR consists of Hild Sofie Tafjord, Lene Grenager, Michael Duch and Bjørnar Habbestad.
Before the concerts, each audience member will receive a pair of wireless headphones and practical information from the concert hosts.


Hild Sofie Tafjord, Lene Grenager, Michael Duch, Bjørnar Habbestad

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