Noa Eshkol workshop 2 (beginners)

A unique opportunity to experience Noa Eshkol’s choreographic theory in practice

Monday, 19 September, at 16:00–17:30
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Noa Eshkol Chamber Dance Group:
Open Classes, Dance and Movement (workshop / beginners)

Your body is an orchestra! Enter the incredible mind-body matrix of Noa Eshkol.

In two participatory sessions you can experience working with the Eshkol-Wachman Movement Notation (EWMN) system, from striving to embody the movements of EWMN to expressing the poetic dimensions of Noa Eshkol’s compositions.

For Israeli artist Noa Eshkol, dance was a pure art form, to be practised without scenery, costumes or music. She treated the parts of the body as separate instruments, not unlike the musical instruments of an orchestra, each with its own rules of movement. Her compositions rely on seriality, as well as on the polyphonic forms of canon, fugue, etc. She used these forms to create polyphony between various parts of each dancer’s body and between the dancers as a group. Her profound understanding of the body and inexhaustible creativity resulted in unique, complex and beautiful masterpieces.

The open classes will be led by Racheli Nul-Kahana, veteran dancer from the Group who worked with Eshkol for many years, as well as newer members – Noga Goral, Dror Shoval and Mor Bashan.