Fluid Interference. Dir: Aron Dahl.

Notam - Kunstfilm på en søndag (Notam Film Programme)

Films of life, death, crisis and magic

Sunday, 18 September, at 17:00–18:30 | 18:30–20:00

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Sunday, 18/09

Kunstnernes Hus
Kunstnernes Hus

Notam has curated a package of four recent films by new film makers working in Oslo. All four of these short films feature the interaction of image and sound as strong elements.

17.00 – 17.22: Ruinkonstruksjonar
17.22 – 17.32: Fluid Interference
17.40 – 18.12: Life after Death
18.12 – 18.26: Suuri Kutsuminen

18.30 – 18.52: Ruinkonstruksjonar
18.52 – 19.02: Fluid Interference
19.10 – 19.42: Life after Death
19.42 – 19.56: Suuri Kutsuminen

Ruinkonstruksjonar (Dir. Karina Sletten)
A film about people, cities and the property crisis. Sletten juxtaposes interviews with social geographers, landscape theorists and artists with footage of abandoned houses, cranes and urban construction projects. Who makes an environment and how are people affected?

Fluid Interference (Dir. Aron Dahl)
A new work – for electronics and video created with vintage video synthesizers and a Buchla Music Easel– dealing with systemic violence against trans people in Norway.

Life After Death (Dir. Zeteny Nagy)
An audio-visual experience by this Hungarian film maker based on digital files deconstructed and recomposed as images and video sequences, in a similar way to organic material decomposing and recycling itself.

Suuri Kutsuminen (Dir. Camilla Edström Ödemark)
A film inspired by the magical lore and incantations of the Finnish forests, and the shamanic people keeping ancient knowledge and traditions alive.

*Untitled is a commission for nyMusikk and is screened with their permission.

*Suuri Kutsuminen was created for the project Fading Language.Production supported by FABRIKKEN for Kunst og Design (Denmark) and Kulturrådet.

*Please note that Life After Death contains powerful visual imagery which some viewers may find upsetting.

Ruinkonstruksjonar (Dir: Karina Slette)

Life After Death (Dir. Zeteny Nagy)

Suuri Kutsuminen (Dir. Camilla Edström Ödemark)

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