Photo: Ian Byers Gamber

Ryoji Ikeda: 100 Cymbals

A shimmering sonic mirage from a forest of cymbals

Wednesday, 22 September, at 19:00–19:40 | 21:00–21:40
150–250 kr

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Wednesday, 22/09

Black Box teater
150–250 kr
Sold out
Black Box teater
150–250 kr
Sold out

10 percussionists — 100 cymbals

Picture a metal forest of shining brass cymbals arranged in a pattern on stage. Now imagine what the incredible Pinquins in extended 10-percussionists line-up could do with that forest. That’s Ryoji Ikeda’s 100 Cymbals.

Japanese sound artist Ikeda was the mastermind behind some of the most intense minimalistic digital music in the 1990s. His works such as +/-, 0 degrees and dataplex explored sine tones and the outer range of human hearing. In his recent piece 100 Cymbals he adapts to acoustic percussion, but he still applies a delicate touch rather than the expected crashes and explosions. 

100 cymbals are arranged on stage in a huge square, and stroked, tapped and vibrated with unusual techniques by a ten person ensemble. Tracing the thin line between subliminal noise and harmonic resonance, this ravishing, shimmering 35 minute piece showcases the extraordinary timbral range it’s possible to extract from shiny metal discs. Aural hallucinations and spatial dislocation are among the psychedelic effects you’ll experience during this unforgettable piece. 

This is the Oslo debut of Ikeda, who has also collaborated with sound artists Carsten Nicolai (alva noto) and multimedia group Dumb Type.

In collaboration with

Black Box teater

Rehearsals director

Alexandre Babel

Commissioned by

Los Angeles Philharmonic

With support from

Sparebankstiftelsen DNB