Post-performance talk: SÅLE

Anna C. Nordanstedt and Nadege Kuwayo in conversation with Ellen Ugelvik

Monday, 20 September, at 18:40

Presented for the first time at Ultima 2021 as an open rehearsal presentation, SÅLE is a dramatic music and dance performance that grapples with one of the biggest moral problems of the present era.

Featuring specially created music by the internationally acclaimed jazz/electronic trumpeter Nils Petter Molvær, SÅLE deals with concepts around transference and reception, how enforced journeys and encounters make up a huge part of the way our culture shapes us as individuals.

Immediately following the performance, artistic director and choreographer Anna C. Nordanstedt and Nadege Kuwayo, meet moderator Ellen Ugelvik to discuss the themes and logistics of the project. 

In collaboration with

  • CODA Oslo International Dance Festival
  • Anna & Co

Practical information:

The performance of SÅLE takes place outside on the Huk beach on Bygdøy.

Right after the performance, the audience is invited to the HL-Senteret for this indoor post concert talk, a five minute walk from the performance situation.