Sofia Jernberg.

Sofia Jernberg/Ariadne Greif/Cory Smythe: Dreams Of Our Future

Hope, rainbows and fear: The dream life of today’s children, magicked into song

Saturday, 17 September, at 19:00–20:00
150–250 kr

Three pieces combining dreams, childhood memories and the rich imagination of children.

Sofia Jernberg Dreams of Our Future (2022, WP)
Cory Smythe Circulate Susanna (2018)
Ariadne Greif New work (2022, WP)

A fairytale ensemble of pan-American and Scandinavian genre-crossing contemporary musicians and improvisors collaborate in this unique concert experience in a special staging.

For Dreams Of Our Future, composer and vocalist Sofia Jernberg in collaboration with Ariadne Greif asked a cross-section of Oslo school children to draw, tell or write down the contents of their dreams. Then she took their recollections and turned them into music. In performance, the children themselves make up the choir that sing these extraordinary dream songs.

US contemporary pianist and composer Cory Smythe’s Circulate Susanna is based on the his nostalgic memories of family gatherings in the warm embrace of a bygone America. In those impromptu concert rituals, his father invented alien country melodies set on a distant fictional moon, inhabited by strange beings with music flowing in their veins instead of blood. Smythe’s piece is rooted in these mystic memories from his childhood.

Ariadne Greif is a soprano and performer acclaimed for her interpretations of contemporary vocal repertoire. In addition her own pieces have involved video, multimedia and the dazzling range of her versatile, expressive voice. She presents a brand new work for Ultima 2022 that plays with childhood fantasy, children’s literature and abstraction.

Sofia Jernberg

Ariadne Greif

Cory Smythe

Dreams of Our Future. Foto: Signe Fuglesteg Luksengard/ Grafikk Ariadne Greif.


  • Sofia Jernberg


  • Ariadne Greif


  • Anna Lindal


  • Bendik Foss


  • Cory Smythe

Pre-recorded samples

  • Raymond Strid


  • Amalie Dahl
  • Espen Reinertsen


  • Eivind Lønning


  • Dan Lippel


  • Ole Morten Vågan

Children´s ensemble coordination

  • Esther Gjermundnes


  • Ingrid Cecilie Bertran de Lis

Costume for Ariadne Greif

  • Johnny Vendiola

Childrens Ensemble:

  • Marie Danbolt Brochard, Ane Boon-Grønseth, Sander Auger Halleraker, Amanda T. Helstad, Eskild Krogh Heramb, Johanne Hasle Iversen, Sarah N Johansen, Mathea Finset Johnstad, Ada Marie E. Kleven, Sara Lalande, Silje Elise Blix Langsrud, Else Lindby-Aas, Ida Sofie Monclair, Katarina Liavaag Orieta, Viktoria Repstad, Leona Perpeta Stronach

In collaboration with

  • Den Norske Opera & Ballett

Supported by

  • Kulturrådet (The Grammar of Ornament)