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Wednesday, 20 September, at 18:00–19:00

Showings and tickets

Wednesday, 20/09

Sentralen (Vinterhagen)

This year, Ultima and Oslo-filharmonien are presenting a symphonic evening dedicated to the film music of Hans Zimmer, one of the most influential voices in Hollywood film music in the last three decades. Who are the new generation of soundtrack creators? Although much of the film music we hear today follows familiar recipes of surprise, wonder and suspense, other voices try to include less conventional approaches in an industry that often prefers known formulas and clichés.

In this talk, illustrated with musical extracts, Rob Young, a writer who has covered music and film extensively, will introduce listeners to a wide range of recent musical examples, including Mica Levi, Jonny Greenwood, Daniel Lopatin, Johann Johannsson, Mark Jenkin, Tamar-Kali, Scott Walker, Anne Dudley and Philip Glass.

The event is in English.


Rob Young

In collaboration with

Mirage Film Festival Oslo

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