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States of Wonder

Cikada I Linda Catlin Smith I Clara Iannotta I Sofia Avramidou

Saturday, 14 September, at 14:00–15:00
200–300 kr

Chamber ensemble Cikada continue their mission to expose Norwegian audiences to innovative composers from around the world. This programme of three recent works includes the world premiere of Into the Woodlands by Linda Catlin Smith. Written for Cikada, Into the Woodlands is inspired by walks in a beautiful wooded grove where shafts of light would suddenly pour through the canopy of leaves, creating a constant filtering of light and dark. The piece offers a subtly changing landscape which reflects Catlin Smith’s fascination with harmony, colour, and melodic twists and turns. 

Sofia Avramidou’s music is anchored in the spectral tradition, which emphasises timbre contrasts and the harmonic relationships evolving between a sound's overtones. A Hug to Die is inspired by British playwright Martin McDonagh's The Pillowman, a dramatic narrative about an author arrested for crimes resembling the ones he writes about. Clara Iannotta is also noted for her musical theatricality, as well as the physicality of her sound. echo from afar (ii) is an obsessively detailed sound world of overtones, resonances and harmonies.


Linda Catlin Smith: Into the Woodlands (2024)

Sofia Avramidou: A Hug to Die (2022)

Clara Iannotta: echo from afar (ii) (2022)

Clara Iannotta. Photo: François Roelants.

Cikada Ensemble

Linda Catlin Smith. Photo: Claire Harvey


  • Linda Catlin Smith
  • Clara Iannotta
  • Sofia Avramidou

Cikada Ensemble

  • Anne-Karine Hauge, flute
  • Rolf Borch, clarinet
  • Bjørn Rabben, percussion
  • Kenneth Karlsson, piano
  • Karin Hellqvist, violin
  • Sara Övinge, violin
  • Bendik Bjørnstad Foss, viola
  • Torun Sæter Stavseng, cello
  • Magnus Söderberg, double bass
  • Christian Eggen, conductor

In collaboration with

  • Cikada

Supported by

  • Kulturrådet