Svarteboka (WP)

A new book of musical songs and spells pushes this duo to the limits when two very different musicians meet, wind each other up, and question the nature of truth and reality.

Sunday, 19 September, at 18:00
200–260 kr

Together, via intensely personal musical rituals, they inch towards new musical discoveries.

Vocalist Unni Løvlid and cellist Marianne Baudouin Lie give free rein to their curiosity in a duo encounter that sees them leaping off the deep end, accompanied by a selection of excellent Norwegian and Nordic composers. The staging in this innovative production is by director Ane Aass and lighting designer Henrik Koppen.

Each composer contributes a fresh piece of the puzzle, gathered from a variety of esoteric sources including black books, volumes of witches’ spells, summonings, female figures, hymns and sounds of the body. The various pieces are shaped and inspired by folk music, unconventional tonal systems, and the uniqueness of the two performers.

Svarteboka is a long term project in constant development.


Unni Løvlid


Marianne Baudouin Lie

Staging consultant

Ane Aass

Lighting design

Henrik Koppen

In collaboration with



Juliane Schütz

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