Trevor Mathison & Black Audio Film Collective

Film screening

Monday, 18 September, at 18:00–20:30
90 kr

Handsworth Songs (1986, 58 min)

Who Needs a Heart (1991, 78 min)

In connection with British sound artist Trevor Mathison’s presence at Ultima, Cinemateket is showing two examples of his film soundtracks and sound design. Both were produced by the Black Audio Film Collective, which emerged in 1982 as a response to the unrest in the UK during this period and the ensuing debate around post-colonialism and black identity/culture. The Black Audio Film Collective consisted of seven filmmakers and multimedia artists who produced an extraordinary collection of political, poetic and intensely personal films over a period of 16 years.

The starting point for Handsworth Songs (1986) was a series of riots in Birmingham and London that ended in two deaths. The film attempts to rethink diversity and the status of people of colour in British society – rejecting the idea of a homogeneous community's shared aspirations and expressions.

Who Needs A Heart (1991) is a story of political awareness and subjective transformation, and remains Black Audio Film Collective's most controversial film. A sophisticated retelling of life on the outskirts of London between 1965–75, the film explores the forgotten history of the British Black Power movement.

Trevor Mathison's captivating and innovative soundscape weaves the music of Eric Dolphy, Ornette Coleman, The Art Ensemble of Chicago, Albert Ayler, Anthony Braxton, John Coltrane and ritual music from Tibet into the tapestry of the sound and dialogue.

See Trevor Mathison’s installation at Atelier Nord: From Signal to Decay Vol.6 15 - 23 September and hear Mathison live at MUNCH with Circuit des Yeux 22 September.

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Cinemateket, Atelier Nord og MUNCH

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