Skapia. Photo: Lars Opstad.

Ultima Context: Seminar: Roles Reversed – Children as Composers

Kids Take Charge!

Monday, 19 September, at 14:00–16:30

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Monday, 19/09

Sentralen (Forstanderskapssalen)

What makes children’s musical logic different from that of adults? And can we learn anything from it? In this seminar we’ll start out with Rainbow Ocean, Skapia’s performance at BUD (Ultima Children’s Day).

This is a piece where the roles are reversed: kids from Gamlebyen School who have created Rainbow Ocean now act as mentors to three professional musicians during the rehearsals for the music that the children have created.

We’ll be aiming to find out what happens when children are allowed to dictate the terms of music making; whether children have their own creative autonomy, and what that might mean; and what are the differences between children’s musical way of thinking and grown-ups’ approach to it. And what we can we take away from all of this?

This seminar is perfectly suited for anyone who writes or performs music for (or with) young people – composers, players, teachers, trainee educators, concert producers, and many others.
The seminar is in Norwegian.


14.00: Welcome from Eldar Skjørten

14:10: Presentation: Skapia-project Regnbuehavet (Rainbow Ocean) at Barnas Ultima-dag. Eldar Skjørten in conversation with musicians Susanne Trinh and Evelin Felix Lindberg
14.30: Presentation: Cooperation as method at Panta Rei Danseteater. Anne Ekenes

15.00: Panel discussion: Children leading projects and using their own autonomy on creative music projects. With Matias Hilmar Iversen (moderator), Bjørn Bolstad Skjelbred, Eldar Skjørten and Kari Mette Holdhus.

In collaboration with

  • Skapia

Co-funded by

  • fra ULYSSES Network, EUs Creative Europe Programme, Fritt Ord, Sparebankstiftelsen

In the panel

  • Eldar Skjørten (director, Skapia), Kari Mette Holdhus (Professor of music education, Høgskulen på Vestlandet), Anne Ekenes (Artistic director, Panta Rei Danseteater), Bjørn Bolstad Skjelbred (composer, jury member for Veslefrikk-prize), Matias Hilmar Iversen (Kulturtanken) – moderator, Susanne Trinh (musician), Evelin Felix Lindberg (musician)