Ultima is looking for productions for Barnas Ultimadag

Do you make experimental and innovative music/projects for children? Ultima is looking for program proposals for Barnas Ultimadag, Sunday September 17th 2023.

Barnas Ultimadag is Ultimafestivalen's own contemporary music festival for children. The day is packed with activities that allow children to listen to unfamiliar and exciting sounds and experience new worlds.

For this day, we are looking for innovative and experimental works and productions in various formats: installations, concerts, audiovisual and interactive projects. In 2023, we are specifically looking for cross-artistic projects in dance, as well as music workshops where children can participate in the creative process on a drop-in basis.

Ultima covers all fees and costs related to the performance of the performance on September 17th. Participants must be resident in Norway.

Photo: Signe Fuglesteg Luksengard.

Published Friday, 27 January 2023