Ultima x byLarm

Ultima’s by:Larm takeover!

Saturday, 17 September, at 21:00–23:30
1840–1840 kr

Requiers by:Larm concert pass

Ultima’s stage at this year’s by:Larm festival provides a tasting menu of new and adventurous sounds from some extraordinary Norwegian talents.

21.00 Tøyen Fil & Klafferi play Lasse Passage: Quadratisch. Practisch. Gut. (2022, WP)
22.00 Canilla
23.00 Witch Club Satan

21.00: Tøyen Fil & Klafferi
Lasse Passage: Quadratisch. Practisch. Gut. (2022, WP)
Electroacoustic composer Lasse Passage Nøsted’s piece for flute, clarinet, violin and cello turns the members of Oslo ensemble Tøyen Fil & Klafferi into physical representations of their instruments via MIDI. The work plays with the idea of what we think of as originals/copies, simulation/authenticity.

22.00: Canilla
Berlin-based Canilla (aka Camilla Vatne Barratt-Due) creates sonic fields with electronics and live synthesis, merged with her extensive collection of accordions. Her performative installations have been presented in museums and theatres as well as sound art, dance and music festivals all over Europe. Her debut album you always wanted more in life, but now you don't have the appetite was a collection of conceptual love ballads stemming from trees in a wounded forest. Behind her stories pumps a mechanical heart, a structure based on creations of dismantled accordions.

23.00: Witch Club Satan
Witch Club Satan play occult, feminist black metal with experimental layerings of punk, pop and jazz. The power trio originally began as a theatre concept, and consists of Johanna Holt Kleive (drums), Nikoline Spjelkavik (guitar) and Victoria Fredrikke Schou Røising (bass). They are inspired by 80s black metal – before the genre had any templates or rules. Witch Club Satan were mentored by Necrobutcher of Mayhem, who calls them ‘a breath of fresh air’ and ‘what the black metal scene needs right now’.

A concert version foretaste of WCS’s main Ultima staged performance at Black Box on 21/9 and 22/9

Canilla Photo: Kari Jahnsen.

Tøyen Fil & Klafferi. Photo: Anna-Julia Granberg/BLUNDERBUSS.

Lasse Passage. Photo: Kim Jakobsen.

WCS. Photo: André Tribbensee.



Tøyen Fil & Klafferi

Hanne Rekdal – fløyte, Kristine Tjøgersen – klarinett, Eira Bjørnstad Foss – fiolin, Tove Margrethe Erikstad – cello

Witch Club Satan

Johanna Holt Kleive – trommer, Nikoline Spjelkavik – gitar, Victoria Fredrikke Schou Røising – bass

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