Ultima x byLarm: Anja Lauvdal & Laurel Halo

A natural highlight at Ultima and by:Larm

Saturday, 17 September, at 23:55–01:00
1840–1840 kr

Requiers by:Larm concert pass

A unique meeting of musical minds, taking in improv, synths and beats.

Ultima Festival and by:Larm begin a new collaboration – highlighting meeting points between contemporary music and experimental pop/electronic sounds. This year we are excited to present an exclusive duo concert featuring Anja Lauvdal, one of Norway’s most acclaimed jazz/avant pop artists of recent years, alongside the internationally acclaimed producer and artist Laurel Halo.

Freely moving between piano, synthesizers and electronics, Anja Lauvdal has been releasing music since 2013. She participates in a myriad ensembles and collaborations, including touring and recording with Jenny Hval. She has also been a member of bands such as Broen, Moskus, Skrap and Skadedyr.

Drawing on Detroit techno, musique concrète, film scores and jazz, Laurel Halo’s music employs a careful blend of pressure, decay and nuanced emotion to explore notions of transmission and impermanence. Since 2012 the US producer – based in Germany – has released a number of albums on labels like Hyperdub, Honest Jon’s and Latency.

Halo has performed in venues, festivals, clubs and institutions across the world, including the Southbank Centre, Sydney Opera House, The Kitchen, CTM/Transmediale, Sónar, and Montreux Jazz Festival. She has collaborated with artists and designers including Moritz von Oswald, Metahaven, Perfume Genius, Kevin Beasley, Julia Holter, John Cale, and the London Contemporary Orchestra.

This begins a new annual partnership between Ultima and by:Larm. See also our special event at Kafe Hærverk earlier the same evening.

Laurel Halo. Photo: Felix Brüggemann.

Anja Lauvdal


Anja Lauvdal


Laurel Halo

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