Stine Janvin & Son.AR: Voices from your future past (sound work)

A sound artwork transforming your view of the city

Thursday, 16 September, at 07:00–12:00

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Thursday, 16/09

World premiere

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son.AR presents
Voices From Your Future Past
(2021, WP)
by Stine Janvin, Davide Luciani, Fabio Perletta og Jordan Juras

This work is free, and requires the use of your own smartphone and headphones. Please read more about how to experience it in Practical Information at the bottom of this page.

A sound artwork about the dreamlike fallacy of technological illusions.

Voices from Your Future Past is a sound work that explores feelings of disconnection in the virtual worlds we are compelled to live and communicate in, especially during the pandemic.

The work is created by sound artists and composers Davide Luciani, Fabio Perletta, Jordan Juras, and Norwegian artist and vocalist Stine Janvin.

The audience is invited on a walk through the streets of Oslo in search of various aural experiences at the following locations: Blå, Atelier Nord, Sentralen, Oslo Kunstforening and Den Norske Opera & Ballett.

The piece highlights the dreamlike fallacy of technological illusions, the same illusions that keep our attention focused on the future while distancing us from the present.

The piece will also be presented as a live concert version at Blå on 16 September.

Practical information
You can begin the experience from any of the following Oslo locations: Blå, Atelier Nord, Sentralen, Oslo Kunstforening, Den Norske Opera & Ballett.

It can be experienced at any one of the different places, or as a complete walk.

To enjoy the experience you need to download and install a specially designed phone app. The app is available from September 16th. Find out more about the app and how to download it here.

Find out more about the app and how to download it here.

Curated by

Daniela Arriado


Art Republic, Studio Mote , Ultima Oslo Contemporary Music Festival

Supported by

Italian Cultural Institute of Oslo, German Embassy in Norway, KORO – Kunst i offentlig rom / Public Art Norway, Sparebankstiftelsen DNB

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