Photo: Klavs Kehlet Hansen

Anna Jalving: DUO IV – Extended Territories

Sound & vision in searching for space and peace

Thursday, 16 September, at 17:00
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Anna Jalving: DUO IV – Extended Territories (2021, WP)


Anna Jalving


Anna Jalving, Klavs Kehlet Hansen

Synth, electronics

Anna Jalving


Karl Naegelen, Klavs Kehlet Hansen


Klavs Kehlet Hansen

An audiovisual concert installation that explores silence and being present in the world in a specific place.

DUO is a laboratory for a new art music, created by violinist, performer and composer Anna Jalving. She invites artists from different genres and forms of expression to workshops, conversations and creative exchanges.

Jalving and collaborators Karl Nægelen and Klavs Kehlet attempt to discover what role music and sound can play when faced with the challenges that exist in our society. The audience is invited into a surreal and fantastical world where sound and image meet on the threshold of the inaudible.

The work is a search for a place to find peace – a place to belong in a time when inner and outer chaos appear to have taken over. Images of the city, traffic and nature act as the violin's visual duet partner and connect the space to the sonic journey. 

Extended Territories is an ode to present day society, identity and communication, where even the smallest sound can make a big difference.

Supported by

ULYSSES Network, Creative Europe Programme of the European Union

Co-funded by

Sparebankstiftelsen DNB