Developing Critical Practice

Cultural criticism will achieve more than ever if it includes more voices, and aims to reach more segments and areas of society.

Tuesday, 21 September, at 15:30

Ballade, Scenekunst and Ultima present a panel debate to discuss the best ways of developing and spreading critical writing and interpretation of the arts. 

Critics and publications have the task of mediating between artistic work and the public, and contribute to maintaining the arts in a central position in culture. 

But how, in practice, do we write reviews? How are reviews and other writings read and received? What forms does criticism take? Should we be more exploratory?

Should we be challenging formats and the ways we carry out our criticism, in order to reach a wider public? What is at risk, and at stake? Our expert panel give their thoughts.

In the panel:
Hilde Halvorsrød
Rune Håkonsen
Elisteinar Tenga

The discussion is moderated by Siri Narverud Moen, editor of Ballade

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