Sanskriti Shrestha I Julian Sartorius

Saturday, 16 September, at 19:00–21:00
200–300 kr

Two electrifying solo drummers take the stage.

Swiss percussionist Julian Sartorius showcases his Locked Groove project. With a turntable by his side, Sartorius spins scratched vinyls that produce audibly enticing clicks as the needle jumps. Utilizing these repetitive beats as the foundation, he weaves real-time improvisations on his extended set-up of drum kit and assorted objects, layering rhythms that intertwine with the pulsating groove.

Nepalese tabla player and percussionist Sanskriti Shrestha is a beloved musical adventurer on the Norwegian and international music scene. Her unique ‘tablatarang’ setup, aptly named ‘tabla waves’, features seven tablas meticulously tuned to different pitches, collectively forming an untempered scale that expands the melodic possibilities of these instruments, which she complements with various other percussion instruments and her own vocals.




Dazzling rhythmic invention

Julian Sartorius has to be seen to be believed. His set with Matthew Herbert at Rewire this year was full of nail-biting interplay between Sartorius’s collection of percussion objects and Herbert’s live digital transformations. If you thought you had heard everything that can be done with a drum kit, think again. He can carve up time into little pieces and rearrange it, without missing a beat.




Even though she was creating a completely new music, it sounds like Sanskriti is deeply in touch with the ancient roots of her tablas and traditions. Well worth catching her solo set.

Sanskriti Shrestha I Photo: Signe Fuglesteg Luksengård

Julian Sartorius I Photo: Mehdi Benkler

In collaboration with

  • Nasjonal Jazzscene

Supported by

  • Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia

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