Metal Urges

Oslo Sinfonietta I Bernhard Gander I Håkon Stene I ENSLAVED feat Jenny Hval

Thursday, 14 September, at 22:30–23:55
200–350 kr

Two epic collaborations in a lifetime music event! ENSLAVED are one of the most innovative Norwegian black metal groups, revitalising the genre with unexpected elements such as classical instruments and synthesizers. Uncompromising vocalist Jenny Hval joins Enslaved at Betong for a special one-off collaboration on some of their newest songs. Congeliatakes us to the iciness and monotony of hell’s deepest crevasses. Heimdal echoes archaic sounds all the while announcing a new day. 

An amplified Oslo Sinfonietta premieres a new metal-inspired percussion concerto by Austrian composer Bernhard Gander. Epogdoon (2023, WP) is built on tricky rhythmic grooves based on combinations of prime numbers, which leads to structures and rhythms impossible to imagine. Håkon Stene plays the solo part, with miked-up drums, metal tam-tams and distorted electronic beats.




Twisted metal

Jenny Hval has a background in black metal and subverted its imagery on her 2016 album Blood Bitch. Her contribution provides a fascinating counterpoint to the raw power of Enslaved. Something as unexpected as this could only happen at Ultima. Thanks for making it happen!



Magic numbers

The ancient Greeks didn’t like the epogdoon. That’s what they called the number 17, a prime number that sits uncomfortably with the idea of mathematical symmetry and harmony. Austrian composer Bernhard Gander’s new piece of the same name adopts the unwanted number and puts it at the centre of a hard hitting piece that melts down heavy metal’s blasting beats and dirty noise. Håkon Stene is always amazing and pushed himself to physical limits here.

ENSLAVED I Photo: Roy Bjørge

Jenny Hval I Photo: Jenny Berger Myhre

Bernhard Gander I Photo: Hanne Rekdal

Håkon Stene I Photo: Frédéric Boudin

Oslo Sinfonietta with conductor Christian Eggen I Photo: Anna-Julia Granberg / Blunderbuss




  • Jenny Hval


  • Oslo Sinfonietta

Solo percussion

  • Håkon Stene


  • Christian Eggen

In collaboration with

  • Det Norske Studentersamfund
  • The Austrian Embassy in Oslo
  • Inferno Festival

Supported by

  • Bergesenstiftelsen, Fond for utøvende kunstnere