Night Lives

Cikada I Kristine Tjøgersen

Thursday, 21 September, at 22:00–23:00
200–300 kr
Sold out

Let your eardrums grow on your ribs.

Tongues under the soles of your feet. 

Put your hands behind your ears. 

There you go. Now you're ready for the night. 

When the sun goes down, a whole new world comes to life that most of us know little about. Although we share physical space with these creatures, we rarely meet them. Evolution has given them senses that we humans do not have, senses that allow them to rule the night just as we rule the day.

Composer Kristine Tjøgersen has teamed up with biologist Hanna Bjørgaas, author of the book The Secret Life of the City, lighting designer Evelina Dembacke and set designer Ellen Jerstad. Together with Cikada Ensemble, who comissioned the work, they will explore the nocturnal animals and their quirky sensory world.

Welcome to Night Lives – to the lives of those who sing in the dark and communicate on different frequencies.

NB: If you buy a ticket in advance you will receive a Night Lives kit direct from Kristine Tjøgersen in the mail. There you'll find information and activities to get you in the right mood for the night!




Sheer magic from beginning to end

Kristine’s piece opened my ears to the life of the night. As well as a beautiful music piece, I learnt so much – mainly how little we actually know of how much goes on in the nature around us after dark! The preparation kit in the mail was a lovely and thoughtful bonus.



Upside down world

Tjøgersen turned Jakobskirken into a shimmering environment, with clouds floating over the floor. Everything from bats to microscopic spores shaped like trumpets appear on screen, filmed through a microscope, during this enchanting experience. It felt like the world was rearranged in an unfamiliar shape.

Kristine Tjøgersen I Foto: Anna-Julia Granberg / Blunderbuss

Cikada I Photo: Siv Dolmen

Ellen Jerstad. Photo: Mats Muri

Evelina Dembacke. Photo: Åsa Rosén

Hanna Bjørgaas. Photo: Åsmund Holien Mo

From “Studies on the Flash Communication System in Photinus Fireflies” by J.E. Lloyd, 1966, Miscellaneous Publications, Museum of Zoology, University of Michigan, No. 130.» Manfred Kössl

Credit: Kössl, Manfred

Idea and composition

Kristine Tjøgersen

Visual artist and lighting designer

Evelina Dembacke


Ellen Jerstad

Biologist and author

Hanna Bjørgaas



In collaboration with


Supported by

Furestiftelsen, Bergenstiftelsen, Fond for lyd og bilde, Kulturrådet


Oonda space


Marie Payan


Colin Eccleston, Ellen Jerstad

Recording of soil

Jake M. Robinson

Stentor videos

James Weiss

Thank you to

Ilker Dursun, Lars Skoglund, Tilo Hahn