Nils Henrik Asheim: Organotopia

A day-long magical mystery tour packed with organ-ised chaos

Saturday, 17 September, at 12:00

Showings and tickets

Saturday, 17/09


A 12 hour long ‘happening’ taking over Oslo’s Paulus church and its surrounding park Birkelunden in Grünerløkka.

Nils Henrik Sheim: Organotopia (2022, WP)
Devised by the organist, composer and improvisator Nils Henrik Asheim, Organotopia overlays the parkland and church interior with a shifting landscape in which the audience can move at will over the span of a whole day and evening.

You will experience a dynamic environment made up of live music, loudspeaker installations, view projections and performances popping up everywhere. In this twelve hour event the architects Søstra100 will build and transform the park.

Inside the church, organ music and the human voice are the red threads. Elements of classical music are fused into a new composition for percussion instruments, which also alternate with vocalists who represent different cultures and identities. Fragments of the concert in the church will be broadcast simultaneously into the park, in an electronically remixed transformation, via surround sound systems, as well as from the church tower.

In the week leading up to the main event, the park will gradually fill up with various scenographic elements and objects. These are inspired by conversations with people who use the park, in which they narrate memories associated with the place, as well as its history and its different uses. These stories can be foøund, with visual interpretations, at, where you can keep track of the project’s development leading up to the concert.

City parks are public places and are often loaded with a vivid history. Organotopia investigates how past, present and the potential utopian future can tell us something about common ownership. Is public ownership the same as genuine collective ownership?

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Concept, artistic direction, music

Nils Henrik Asheim

Visual direction, design

Mira Hahn & Stina Molander Skavlan (Søstra100) and Julie Barfod

Lighting, projections

Boya Bøckman


Roza Moshtaghi

In collaboration with

Oslo arkitekturtriennale, Notam, NTNU, Elvebakken videregående skole, Grünerløkka skole, Paulus Kirke and others