Nuria Guiu / Ingri Fiksdal: MEDIUM

Possessed dancers and the music of Sunn O))) channel the supernatural dimension

16–17 September 2022
100–250 kr

Dancing to wake the dead

Nuria Guiu / Ingri Fiksdal: MEDIUM (2022, WP)

In cultures all around the world, there are rites where the body becomes the instrument (or ‘medium’) of communication between the dead and the living world. The body becomes possessed, and the spirit is often manifested through voice, music, movement or dance.

In the modern West, there is little space for the supernatural in everyday life. The new dance performance MEDIUM – created by Nuria Guiu and Ingri Fiksdal – attempts to reopen the universes of the material and the virtual by investigating the body’s triple function: a product of nature, culture, and a channel for supernatural forces.

Today, an abundance of volatile, visual content is created that spreads quickly and widely through the internet. These images also occupy our fantasies, our thoughts and the natural environment. MEDIUM is based on movements from both digital and personal archives.

In addition, historical dances and visual post-internet culture are explored. The performance is inspired by collage. The body becomes a medium where all these images, stories, memories, dreams and desires are expressed. Music is by US noise/drone artists Sunn O))), featuring a new spatialized mix from the group’s Stephen O’Malley.

Nuria Guiu is a dancer and choreographer, in addition to studying anthropology and human evolution. Choreographer Ingri Fiksdal has presented her works at Black Box teater for a number of years, most recently with Fictions of the Flesh during Oslo Internationale Teaterfestival 2021.

Concept, channeling, performance

  • Nuria Guiu

Concept, channeling

  • Ingri Midgard Fiksdal


  • pieces from Pyroclasts by Sunn O))).


  • Stephen O’Malley

Costumes and set design

  • Ronak Moshtagi

Lighting design

  • Phillip Isaksen

Sound technician

  • Ernst van der Loo


  • Guiu, Fiksdal, Isaksen, Moshtagi


  • Eva Grainger, Nicole Schuchardt, Ida Frømyr Borgen

Produced by

  • Fiksdal Dans Stiftelse

In collaboration with

  • Black Box teater

Supported by

  • Kulturrådet (The Grammar of Ornament)