Information for registered volunteers

Contact details and practical information for Ultima volunteers.

Not registered as a volunteer yet? More info: Frivillig i Ultima.


When do I work?

You’ll be assigned shifts based on your preferences on the registration form.
As a volunteer, you normally work 15 hours in total. This could be 1-2 long shifts or 3-4 short shifts

You will be given a user account in our production system in which you’ll find an overview of your working hours and tasks.

What am I expected to do?
  • Turn up on time and with a positive attitude
  • Give us reasonable notice if you are sick or have to cancel for any unforeseen reason
  • Ber positive, solution-oriented and contribute to making a great working environment
  • Be aged 16 minimum
  • You'll always have someone to ask if there are any questions
How do I get to the right place and how long does it take?

Ultima Festival takes place in many different locations around central Oslo. Your meeting point could be anywhere. So it’s important to check the production system and allow plenty of time to get to the right place.

Most venues are located in the centre of town and easily accessible b public transport/bike.

Are food and drink supplied?

There are no refreshments served in the venues themselves, but we supply food and drink before and after your shift in the Volunteers Hub– 2nd floor of Sentralen.

What should I bring with me?

You’ll be given a t-shirt, hoodie and volunteer pass to use on the shift. Thsee will be handed out at the Kick-off event in advance of the festival.

Who do I contact if I get sick?

Inform the Volunteer coordinator by phone as soon as possible.

Who do I talk to about …?
  • Festival tickets
    Sign up for any tickets you want in our system by 6 September.
  • Tasks at venues
    There will be a venue producer responsible for each venue and who will act as your leader. You’ll find their contact info in the production system.
  • Reporting problems/harassment
    Please contact the Volunteer coordinator if you experience any problems. If you wish to remain anonymous, you can fill out our complaint sheet.

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