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Resonant Dialogues

Karin Hellqvist I Carola Bauckholt I Christian Wallumrød I Manos Tsangaris I Henrik Strindberg I Liza Lim

Thursday, 19 September, at 19:30–20:40
200–300 kr

The works in this solo recital by violinist Karin Hellqvist show how a performer can develop close creative relationships with composers. Having accumulated a myriad skills and musical experiences throughout her career as an interpreter, Hellqvist offers up her unique artistic palette as source material for collaborations with several composers including Carola Bauckholt, Liza Lim, Christian Wallumrød, Henrik Strindberg and Manos Tsangaris. 

The diverse programme in the rich acoustics of Kulturkirken Jakob showcases Hellqvist’s exploration of Scandinavian folk, electroacoustic music and extended violin technique. All of which have evolved in tandem with the specific interests of her composition partners: Lim’s penchant for non-Western musical practices, Bauckholt’s meticulous imitations of real-life phenomena, Wallumrød’s introspection and his fascination for vintage technologies such as K7 tapes, to name just a few. The concert marks the release of a new album featuring many of tonight’s works.


Karin Hellqvist: Pango (2021-24) for electronics

Liza Lim, K. Hellqvist: One and the Other (Speculative Polskas for Karin) (2021-22) for violin

Christian Wallumrød, K. Hellqvist: Eiksmarka Omland (2024, WP) for violin and tape

Henrik Strindberg, K. Hellqvist: Gradients (2023) for violin

ManosTsangaris, K. Hellqvist: Chain of Triggers (2024, WP) for percussion and violin 

Carola Bauckholt, K. Hellqvist: Solastalgia (2022) for violin and electronics

Karin Hellqvist. Photo: Oskar Kullander

Manos Tsangaris and Karin Hellqvist. Photo: Ruben Tsangaris

Karin Hellqvist og Carola Bauckholt

Henrik Strindberg and Karin Hellqvist. Photo: Anna Cokorilo Nicolay

Karin Hellqvist and Liza Lim

Karin Hellqvist and Christian Wallumrød.


  • Karin Hellqvist
  • Carola Bauckholt
  • Liza Lim
  • Henrik Strindberg
  • Christian Wallumrød
  • Manos Tsangaris


  • Karin Hellqvist

Performance and percussion

  • Manos Tsangaris

Sound technician SWR Experimental Studio

  • Daniel Miska

In collaboration with

  • Norges musikkhøgskole

Supported by

  • Kulturrådet
  • Helge Ax:son Johnsons Stiftelse
  • Konstnärsnämnden
  • Goethe-Institut