If humans were animals, what would music sound like?

Simon Løffler: Becoming Animal (2022, WP)

Danish composer Simon Løffler is on a mission to bring composition nearer to the condition of animal behaviour. He adapts the signs of ritual behaviour and display to a human performance method, in the process opening up the parameters for how the body can be utilised in the generation of music.

The borders between instrument and the body, spontaneity and composition, ritual and concert, are broken down. Animal voices find new ways to infiltrate our midst and become a part of our art. This project has been developed over a three year period in close collaboration between the composer and the other performers.

Simon Løffler: Becoming Animal (2022, WP)

Animalia I
Animalia II
Animalia III.a
Animalia III.b
Animalia III.c
Animalia IV.a
Animalia IV.b


Simon Løffler

Beak and animal

Simon Løffler

Elephant eyelashes and fox

Ane Marthe Sørlien Holen

Butterfly wings

Ellen Ugelvik

Beak and butterfly wings

Jennifer Torrence

Beak and animal

Inga Margrete Aas

In collaboration with

MUNCH and Norges musikkhøgskole