To be in the margins is to be part of the whole

Curating Lab I Mohammad Reza Mortazavi I Harald Johannessen I David C. Timme I Tøyenorkesteret I DJ Amuleto Manuela I Viktor Bomstad & Ruhail Qaisar I B16 I Vjolla I Venus Ex Machina et al

Saturday, 23 September, at 13:00–01:00

From daytime till evening, an eclectic mix of performers and collaborators will fill every nook and corner of Tøyen. Through thirteen pop-ups, performances, concerts, workshops, installations and a kitchen, the aim is to unite voices and perspectives in the margins. Marginality is about more than being on the periphery. It acts as a vantage point from where we can find true empowerment. Test various instruments, interact with performances, embark on train journeys, and cook. Invite this world into your own.

To be in the margins is to be part of the whole is curated by Ultima's Curating Lab.


11:15, 13:15 & 15:15 Gamle Munch (meet-up at the main entrance)
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Gebrokken takes you on a sound journey by a train departing from Tøyen station. You will receive earphones prior to the train ride and listen to a mix of electroacoustic composition and spoken word in a broken language about Norwegian-ness. Upon arrival at Movatn, you can take part in an unusual encounter with a forest dweller. A forest dweller and guide will lead the way to the train and into Nordmarka.
Directed by Arturo Tovar with music by Cisser Mæhl and Jenny Berger Myhre.

13-22:00 Gamle Munch / Prosjektrommet
Makda Embaie: Now, that we've been together

In this langual sound installation, Makda Embaie will explore the body as an archaeological container. We all contain a linguistic repertoire shaped by our experience and memories which upon closer inspection, can illuminate various layers. You may listen to the installation through pillows placed upon a soft carpet.

Kl. 13-22 Gamle Munch
Sayehdār: Slushiessences

13:00 & 14:00 Tøyen torg
Pop-ups: Tøyenine Mitosis
Vjolla Emiri, Ilavenil Vasuky Jayalapan and Victoria Sophie Gulliksen

During this one-hour loop, five pop-ups will appear in five «stations» at the square. An eclectic mix of performers will transform the square’s bar, library, restaurant and flowershop. When their 10-minute solos have run through once, the duo B16 & Tøyen Orchestra (and friends*) will mark the end of the loop with an improvised dance and drum-performance.*Friends: David Cariano Timme and Harald Johannessen

13:30 & 15:30 Gamle Munch (meet-up at the main entrance)
Guidet tour with Open House Oslo

The Norwegian architecture festival Open House Oslo offers open guided tours in the 1960s "mid-century" style of the old Munch museum, bearing the stamp of a more human modern architecture.

14:00-16:00 Gamle Munch / Vinterhagen
Workshop: Wireless Imagination
Registration required here Limited capacity.

Venus Ex Machina leads a hands-on workshop where you can build your own radio transmitter. In this DIY exercise, we will discuss the notions of imagination and private versus public space.
No previous musical experience required. Age: +18
The workshop is in English.

15-18:30 Gamle Munch / Kaféen
Dep.artment: gOURmet Community Kitchen

Dep.artment presents gOURmet, a pop-up community kitchen where you can cook and improvise collectively. By sourcing from supermarkets’ leftover produce aisles, both free and donated, we aim towards a zero-waste kitchen. We will make starters and sides, resembling the tapas or meze. Learn how all kinds of foods can fuse through improvisation.
We encourage you to bring ingredients from home.

Lag mat og improviser i fellesskap i dette pop-up-kjøkkenet med Dep.artment. Dep-artment benytter frukt og grønnsaker som ellers ville blitt kastet etter zero waste-prinsippet. Det skal lages forretter og tilbehør i tapas- og meze-stil. Med improvisering kan all slags mat harmonere! Ta gjerne med ingredienser hjemmefra.

16.30-17.00 Gamle Munch / Kaféen
Performance: Andrei van Wyk

A work-in-progress piece, involving affected voice, pedals, samplers and laptop. Curated and facilitated by Nuts and Bolts.


19-02:00 Gamle Munch
Age: +18

19:00 Gamle Munch / Foredragssalen
Venus Ex Machina
Informed by the binary world of mathematics and machines, Venus Ex Machina will enter a way more boundless and mythical world filled with dark and dance-y textures.

20:00 Gamle Munch / Foredragssalen
Viktor Bomstad & Ruhail Qaisar
This noise-centered collaboration springs from an unlikely connection to the precarious borderlands of indigenous Sámi ground and the mountain passes of India. With Qaisar’s crude pedal effects and Bomstad’s joiking against a backdrop of heavy amps, a rare kind of sonic friction will emerge on stage.

Gamle Munch / Foredragssalen
Mohammad Reza Mortazavi
The Iranian-born and Berlin-based solo-percussionist has reinvented hand drumming. Switching between concentration and letting go, quite literally, Mortazavi uses his body as a sonic guiding force. His rhythmic beats, infused with ancient and modern influences, transcends traditional techniques.

22-01:00 Gamle Munch / Kaféen
Ultima Afterparty with Amuleto Manuela, NAGAVER, ASDFGHJKL
Vibe through the night with back-to-back DJs in Ultima’s official afterparty. With Amuleto Manuela’s process-based soundscapes, NAGAVER’s mix of Tamil folk music, and ASDFGHJKL’s eclectic-electronic mixtures, you can travel through a wide array of moods and spaces in the margins.

All events are free.

About Curating Lab The Curating Lab collective are David Cariano Timme, Sally Sayehdār, Shaon Bedannita Mukherjee, Faduma Mohamud, Luis Félix, Kristine Utne Stiberg and Lisa Teige. They have taken part in a year-long course for young curator aspirants organised by Ultima in partnership with the European network Sounds Now. The Curating Lab participants share an interest in different types of sound and music, inclusivity and wide representation of voices in culture. There is no single target audience for the events. Instead, multiple art forms and perspectives are presented in a way that involves and includes local businesses, public and organisations and venues, old and young.

*Source: Feminist Theory: from Margin to Centre by bell hooks

Mohammad Reza Mortazavi I Photo: David Barajas

Venus Ex Machine I Photo: Symrin Chawla

Ruhail Qaisar

DJ Amuleto Manuela

Viktor Bomstad. Photo: Cecilie Trogstad Johnsen

Ilavenil Vasuky Jayapalan, 'Self Portrait' (2023). All rights reserved to the artist

Vjolla Emiri. Photo: Maja Brenna

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  • Dep.artment, Glasnost, Deichman Tøyen, Open House Oslo, Tøyen Orkester/Oslo kulturskole, Tøyen Frivilligsentral, Tøyen Pizza & Grill

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