Tøyen Fil & Klafferi: Hausmusik (Concert)

Concerts and wondrous, disturbing sound installations at Bruket

17–19 September 2021
100–150 kr

Prices and opening hours:

Concert: 150/100
The exhibition is free and can be experience before and after the concerts.

16.00: Concert & Exhibition Opening
16.00-20.00: Exhibition

13.00-14.00, 15.00-16.00, 17.00-18.00: Exhibition
14.00 & 16.00: Concert

13.00-14.00, 15.00-16.00, 17.00-18.00: Exhibition
14.00 & 16.00: Concert

The bar at Bruket is not open, but coffee will be served for free.

Three rooms, three composers, three new works combining concert and exhibition format.

Oslo ensemble Tøyen Fil & Klafferi continues to push the boundaries of music, sound art, installation and performance when they unveil three new pieces during Ultima.

Alongside the concert version, the works will also be exhibited as installations throughout the day.

Hannah Hartman’s Hausmusik: Backyard Songs evokes the soundscape of hot summer nights with the windows open. 

In Charlotte Piene’s The Ground Grew Downwards, the audience circulates around the space, entering a sonic zone at the centre where the sound appears to get closer and is felt through the whole body. 

Ewa Jacobsson’s WACHIWIIWICHIWA, for four instruments, four visual objects with sound sources (an extended body) and an installation, laments the destruction of Native languages and peoples, and knowledge itself.

Concert programme:

Hannah Hartman – Hausmusik: Backyard Songs (2021, WP) 
For fire utøvere

Ewa Jacobsson – WACHIWIIWICHIWA (2021, WP) 

Charlotte Piene – The Ground Grew Downwards (2021, WP) 


Hanne Rekdal


Hanne Rekdal


Klaus Ellerhusen Holm


Eira Bjørnstad Foss


Inga Grytås Byrkjeland