Ultima 2022: Freedom is Around the Corner

Freedom is Around the Corner.

After two years of living with the pandemic and getting ready to celebrate, we emerged only to hear the noise of war and see the world order shaken up in unforeseen ways.

Our present day situation is a reminder that freedom constantly has to be achieved around the next corner, then the next, then the next...

When freedom is threatened, we need culture and music more than ever!
Ultima 2022 sets out to search for freedom through a multitude of artistic explorations: Life in the social space, collective experiences, dreams of utopia, the importance of nature. Ultima is back at full strength with more than 60 events over ten days at indoor venues and outdoor spaces across the whole of Oslo.

Come join us for concerts, performances, installations, talks, workshops, podcasts and more.
Welcome to Ultima 2022!

Thorbjørn Tønder Hansen
Artistic Director