Stine Janvin & Son.AR: Voices From Your Future Past Live

Live sonic geography from Stine Janvin & the group behind Voices From Your Future Past

Thursday, 16 September, at 21:00
150–250 kr

Running throughout this year’s festival, Voices From Your Future Past is a curated sound work drawing attention to the dream-like fallacy of technological illusion.

It aims to acknowledge and harness the sense of disconnection we feel in the virtual worlds in which we have been forced to live and communicate, particularly during the pandemic period.

The Oslo version of Voices From Your Future Past is a sound work featuring Norwegian artist and singer Stine Janvin and conceived by sound artists and composers Davide Luciani, Fabio Perletta and Jordan Juras.

At this event the quartet will present a unique live incarnation of the project, in a mix of improvisation and blending of various sounds from their explorations of the city, virtual spaces and the voice.

Supported by

KORO – Kunst i offentlig rom / Public Art Norway, Italian Cultural Institute of Oslo, German Embassy in Norway, Sparebankstiftelsen DNB