Ultima Extra: Organotopia 30/1-24

Ultima Extra: Organotopia – screening and panel

30 January, 14.00-16.00 - Screening & panel
17.00 - Screening
Kunstnernes Hus

Nils Henrik Asheim's Organotopia was one of the largest-scale live events in the history of the Ultima Festival. For a whole day in September 2022, the Paulus Church and Birkelunden park in eastern Oslo were transformed into a spectacular sonic playground.

Composer and organist Nils Henrik Asheim and the architects from Søstra100 wove a spell over the area that highlighted its utopian city urban design and involved numerous artists, dance, music and school students, the inhabitants of the area and members of the public in an immersive artistic experience.

With the church organ as a focal point, the music included elements of classical works freely combined into a new composition, with vocal contributions representing different cultures and identities. An electronic remix of the concert was played outside in the park, interacting with the sounds of the cityscape, performances and specially designed monuments that highlighted Birkelunden’s history through the experiences and memories of those who use the park. Read more about the project here.

This special event features a documentary film about the project, followed by a panel discussion featuring artistic and political perspectives on the role of art and sound in public space, and how to create the best possible outcomes in projects involving artists and local communities.

The panel is introduced by the people behind the production, who will give an insight into how they worked with the place, stories, residents, volunteers, students and craftsmen in the process of making Organotopia.


Moderator Anne Hilde Neset – Director at Henie Onstad Kunstsenter

Nils Henrik Asheim – Composer, organist

Mira Hahn – Arrchitect/Søstra100

Abdirahmaan Hasan – Contributor through Nøkkel til byen

Nora Helset Pran – Leader at Frivillighetssentralen Grønland

Mari Fredriksen Sundet – Project manager and curator for Oslo kommunes kunstsamling

Published Tuesday, 19 December 2023