Exploring Artistic Research

Artist talk and debate

Sunday, 17 September, at 18:00–18:45

Showings and tickets

Sunday, 17/09

Norges musikkhøgskole

This year’s festival features two concerts that also mark the end of the doctoral research trajectory of their protagonists. Robert Seaback’s project ‘Embodied/Encoded: Presence in Digital Music’, presented in Being Somewhere, explores how peripheral elements of the sound experience can be important for making digital simulations of space feel realistic. In ‘The Vibrating Drum’, percussionist Ingar Zach explores the sonic possibilities of his instrument. The outcome of his research is presented at Ultima’s opening event in the concert The Field in Between

Artistic research is not only an academic degree. It is an opportunity for composers and performers to deeply explore the connections between their practice, related work and existing theory. In this talk, Seaback, Zach, the musician involved in their research project Alessandra Rombolà, and the leader of the NordART center for Artistic Research at the Norwegian Academy of Music, Ellen Ugelvik, explore how their research has contributed to their performance and composition practice, how others have been involved in processes of experimentation, and what it means to present the results of research within a festival.

The event is in English.


Ingar Zach, Robert Seaback, Ellen Ugelvik


Heloisa Amaral